Environmental Earth Sciences International

About us

Environmental Earth Sciences International (EESI) mitigates the financial, regulatory and legal risks associated with contaminated land, contaminated groundwater and waste.

About Us

For over 30 years we have delivered innovative environmental solutions to create value in cleaning the soil, groundwater and waste environment. We believe in partnering with our clients to meet their environmental management obligations across entire project lifecycles – including compliance, planning, construction, operations and ultimately decommissioning. 


A Cleaner, Greener Earth.

Our objective is to repair, enhance and find more sustainable uses of the land environment. Each project we do for you is an opportunity for us to take a step forward in achieving this objective.

Our Business

The EESI Group consists of 3 divisions, Resolve, (Environmental Earth Sciences and GreenPlus Property Services), Repair (EESI Contracting and New Soil), and Research Labs,(The Centre for Contaminant Geoscience) that offer our clients combined solutions for their individual requirements. This integrated approach allows us to assist our clients throughout the development process as well as customise solutions that deliver the most value for our clients.

The EESI Group is made up of a number of business units, EESI Contracting, Environmental Earth Sciences, Waste Science and The Centre for Contaminated Geoscience. These four business units work together to offer our clients unique, cost-effective solutions. Working as...

New Soil offers a cost-effective alternative to landfill disposal for hydrocarbon (petrol, diesel, waste oil etc.) contaminated soils through the use of our fully licensed soil recycling facilities. We maximise the potential for beneficial re-use, turning contaminated soil into reusable...

We are a well-known professional consultancy that manages potential health and safety and environmental risks at property sites. As a division within the EESI Group, we work closely with Environmental Earth Sciences (our environmental consultancy) and EESI Contracting, (the contracting...

Since 1984, Environmental Earth Science has operated as a consulting firm that is passionate about repairing and nurturing the land and removing harmful waste in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We were the first company to offer a...

Since 2002, EESI Contracting has been an Australian owned and operated company that prioritizes innovative solutions, resulting in it becoming one of the most trusted remediation contractors. Through internal collaboration with the Centre for Contaminant Geoscience, our solutions are tailored...

The Centre for Contaminant Geoscience is the research and development division of the EESI Group. As well as optimizing existing technologies, this division researches new technologies for your sites. Our research team has won research grants as industry partner The...

Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of a dynamic and enthusiastic group of people. With experience across a spectrum of industries as well as specialized knowledge within the industry, the team is well equipped to keep moving the EESI Group forward.


Philip Mulvey is part consultant, part contractor, part researcher and part entrepreneur but has always been a free thinker.

He currently has businesses in environmental soil science, whole of farm management, remediation and civil earthworks and property development. He is a past NSW State President and served for 4 years on the Federal Executive of Soils Australia.  He is proud to say he is the founder of Environmental Earth Sciences International and a soil scientist. After over 35 years as a practising soil scientist and entrepreneur, he remains passionate about landscape repair.


With eighteen years’ experience in executive leadership, building and developing high-performance organisational cultures and companies. Passionate about our people, our customers, the environment that we improve and the power of technology to transform and disrupt.

Chairman Advisory Board

Michael has 48 years experience in the financial sector across a number of industries. His experience includes 11 years as the CFO and GM Retail for Virgin Asia Pacific Entertainment Group and 11 years at Panavision Asia Pacific & European Film Group as CEO, (Deputy CEO Europe), Operations Board LA.

Manager New South Wales

James has been an Environmental Engineer for ten years with a few breaks for global travel. His environmental experience has predominately focused on the investigation, remediation design and remediation of gasworks, including the large Leicester and Bilston Gasworks in the UK. Both projects James was on site as both the Site Engineer and environmental consultant.

James is passionate about leading the team in NSW and supporting them to achieve both their personal and career goals.

Manager Victoria

Geordie specialises in fields pertaining to hydrogeology, geochemistry and contamination, and the commercial applications thereof and He been part of technical and business teams which have been exposed to rapid changes in regulatory and marketplace dynamics, enabling him to integrate continued technical excellence and growth with commercial managerial skills.

Geordie has demonstrated the ability to combine technical skills for groundwater, geochemistry and remediation with commercial requirements of consulting – to provide cost-effective solutions. As the manager  in Victoria, Geordie is committed to bringing out the best in his team and supporting their development.

Marketing Manager

Sarah has a broad experience and success across two sectors which excel at marketing exceptionally well – property and luxury brands. Sarah is really passionate about working with teams and businesses to grow and reach their full potential through effective marketing.

Manager, Queensland

Robbie is a Principal Environmental Engineer and a Certified Contaminated Land Assessment Practitioner. He has successfully led teams in the delivery of complex contaminated land assessment and remediation projects across Australia and internationally. He has a strong client focus and has built a reputation for delivering practical, sustainable and commercially viable solutions.

Manager, Waste Science

David is the manager of Waste Science and has over 10 years’ experience in environmental management and licencing throughout Australia and New Zealand. During this time, David has been involved in the establishment and ongoing operation of a variety of waste management facilities in NSW.

GreenPlus Property Services Manager

Technical Director

Mark has over 23 years industry experience in the fields of soil science and hydrogeology, specialising in contaminated land assessment and remediation, human health and ecological risk assessment, groundwater solute transport assessment, and acid sulfate soil investigation and management. He is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) Contaminated Site Assessment and Management(CSAM) accredited, and a statutory contaminated land/ site/ environmental auditor in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and NT. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture majoring in Soil Science, and a Master of Science (Groundwater Hydrology).


Our team members possess the following traits and attributes:

Passionate about the landscape and a career in sustainable development and environmental repair

Love working in teams to achieve positive outcomes

As the minimum, hold a bachelor degree in either earth science, agriculture or civil engineering

Outgoing and positive attitude

If you believe you possess any of the above criteria and would like the opportunity to be part of this dynamic team, please submit your CV to hr@eesigroup.com