Philip Mulvey is part consultant, part contractor, part researcher and part entrepreneur but has always been a free thinker.  He has built army bases in East Timor, supervised the erection of the largest tent in the UK, sold meat pies in the USA, cleaned up uranium mines, developed townhouses on landfills, rewrote the manual on oil palm development in Sumatra on acid sulfate soil, evaluated rehabilitation of the desert in Kuwait, participated in the first green city design in the world, evaluated degraded land on the Monaro and he has represented Australia in sailing.

He currently has businesses in environmental soil science, whole of farm management, remediation and civil earthworks and property development.  He has trained numerous scientists in the art of commercial scientific problem-solving.  He is a father of 4 and a grandfather soon to be of 4.  (His family are undecided whether he is a pain in the arse all the time or only part of the time).  He is a past NSW State President and served for 4 years on the Federal Executive of Soils Australia.  He is proud to say he is the founder of Environmental Earth Sciences International and a soil scientist (except to customs officers as he is sick and tired in having his boots checked). After over 35 years as a practising soil scientist and entrepreneur, he remains passionate about landscape repair.