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Environmental Earth Sciences International

Unlocking the value of contaminated land and groundwater.

Since 2002, EESI Remediation has been an Australian owned and operated company that prioritizes innovative solutions, resulting in it becoming one of the most trusted remediation contractors.

Through internal collaboration with the Centre for Contaminant Geoscience, our solutions are tailored made for each site.  This collaboration and focus on sustainable solutions is what makes us ‘The Scientific Remediator’ which allows  us to provide you with innovative remediation solutions with positive financial outcomes.

Fundamental to all our remediation strategies is understanding your commercial constraints to achieve for you the greatest commercial return for the least environmental cost.  Your goals, aspirations and constraints are essential to the solution we bring to your sites.

The cheapest remediation is not always the least cost for the project.   Many times the fastest remediation or the most sustainable solution can be more costly remediation but have other substantial costs savings or benefits for the delivery of the development that outweigh the cost differential of the remediation options.

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