Environmental Services

Landfill Design, Management and Closure

We offer a wide range of landfill management services

Storage Tank Removal

Our team is experienced in managing underground storage tank removals

Environmental Earth Sciences International

Unlocking the value of contaminated land and groundwater.

We are a well-known professional consultancy that manages potential health and safety and environmental risks at property sites. As a division within the EESI Group, we work closely with Environmental Earth Sciences (our environmental consultancy) and EESI Contracting, (the contracting division). Working together with these divisions allows us to offer you a competitive and holistic value offering.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Asbestos Identification
  2. Asbestos and Hazardous Materials assessment surveys
  3. Pre-demolition asbestos and hazardous materials assessment surveys
  4. Consultancy for asbestos and hazardous materials including asbestos in soil
  5. Asbestos removal clearances
  6. Environmental air monitoring

Our team is growing steadily, and we operate in:



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