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New Soil offers a cost-effective alternative to landfill disposal for hydrocarbon (petrol, diesel, waste oil etc.) contaminated soils through the use of our fully licensed soil recycling facilities.
We maximise the potential for beneficial re-use, turning contaminated soil into reusable soil material through our bioremediation process, saving landfill space and unnecessary cost.

With proprietary and patented solutions for soil recycling, New Soil specialises in providing solutions for the most problematic contamination in the industry. New Soil and its sister companies continually conduct research into new technologies ensuring that the most superior solutions are available for off-site treatment and recycling of your contaminated soil and fill.


New Soil’s Bioremediation capability delivers benefits for our clients:

  • Cost: Significantly lower cost per tonne alternative to landfill disposal. E.g. We recently assisted a client with the following savings:
    Landfill disposal of restricted solid waste cost approximately $350 per tonne.
    Alternatively, New Soil’s soil recycling cost $250 per tonne. This translated into a saving of 40%
  •  Environmentally friendly: Your business can actively recycle soil for reuse in community projects and elsewhere. Promoted and certified by the EPA, this is a viable alternative to landfill disposal.


The Cootamundra (Soil Recycling Facility)

A cost-effective solution for hydrocarbon contaminated soil in NSW, ACT and VIC.  The Cootamundra Soil Recycling Facility delivers real cost savings by remediating contaminated soil for reuse and providing environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Treatment of soil contaminated with:

  • Elevated levels of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH); and
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) from service stations, truck depot and gasworks

Classifications accepted:

  • We accept all classifications up to and including Hazardous

Treatment of soil from:

  • New South Wales, The Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.


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