EESI Keeping Our Communities Safe and Clean

The Environmental Earth Sciences team in New South Wales has been working closely with local councils, particularly in the western regions of Sydney, by assisting in the waste classification of stockpiled material.

These stockpiles are dumped on the side of roads from unknown sources and left for council to remove. Our team samples the soil material for analysis and compares the results to the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines. We notify the council of the findings and they are then able to take action to remove and dispose of the material appropriately.

So far, the classification of material has ranged from General Solid Waste to Hazardous Waste and this can be due to high concentrations of heavy metals or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as an example. Initially, it can be unknown as to what type of classification the stockpiles may be, we, therefore, cover them in black plastic in the interim so that the public is not harmed by potentially contaminating materials.

Unfortunately for councils, the fly tipping of material is a serious and ongoing problem, however, with quick responses our clients can organize the removal and appropriate disposal as soon as possible.

Here at Environmental Earth Sciences, we are excited to be helping to keep our communities safe and clean.

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