How do I know if I need an Environmental Consultant?

How do I know if I need an Environmental Consultant?

The role of an Environmental Consultant is to advise clients on the best course of action to achieve an outcome which is beneficial for all stakeholders.  Often there are many parties involved in the processes around environmental assessment and management, and as such this can be a stressful and complicated task

A Consultant can assess a number of scenarios ranging from chemical spills, leaky underground storage tanks, mining wastes and gas works waste for both recent and legacy issues.

An Environmental Consultant is required if, for example:

  • you are unsure if your site is contaminated. If left unmanaged, contaminated sites can cause significant ongoing costs and liabilities;
  • you are buying or selling an industrial property, or a property near an industrial area. This could mean that there is contamination present, and without knowing you could be liable in the future;
  • if you find or suspect asbestos or an underground storage tank;
  • your site previously operated as a service station;
  • your site is in an area exposed to Acid Sulfate Soils; or
  • legislation states that you require it.

Environmental Consultants are up to date with all environmental legislation allowing a stakeholder with environmental concerns to find out what they may be responsible for, and what their potential liabilities may be.

Environmental Consulting requires an in-depth understanding of the science and processes involved in what is occurring on a contaminated site.

For assistance in any type of environmental contamination, auditing or risk assessment, contact Environmental Earth Sciences today.

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