Landfill monitoring

Sydney Olympic Park is one of the most significant landfill remediation projects in Australia. As the land has a variety of uses, the main concern for the landfills is the management of exposure pathways and receptors to ensure human safety and the health of the surrounding environment.



Prior to Environmental Earth Sciences’ involvement, large portions of the site were found to contain wastes such as asbestos, domestic garbage and power station ash. The majority of this waste was relocated to landfill mounds which were capped, landscaped and turned into parklands. Associated leachate systems were developed to prevent any additional damage to the surrounding environment.

Environmental Earth Sciences was engaged to carry out regular ongoing landfill monitoring, associated leachate systems and water bodies.  A key element of the service provided is to ensure that stringent conditions set by the Environment Protection Authority are met so that the capped landfills can continue to be used as parkland.


Careful management of contaminated waste around Sydney Olympic Park has allowed for transformation of rehabilitated land into open space and parklands.

Environmental Earth Sciences’ ongoing landfill monitoring ensures that the integrity of the landfills and leachate systems are maintained, the environment and the surrounding population continue to be protected and that regulatory and legislative compliance is assured at all times.

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