EESI Contracting undertook a remediation project at an operational manufacturing plant. A pro-active approach to remediating impacted waters at this operating site was applied using various remediation technologies including phytoremediation.


To achieve the required groundwater remediation outcome, EESI Contracting implemented;

–    a phytoremediation program to reduce water volumes requiring treatment;
–    construction of an attenuation and adsorption trench (ATT) to create a reactive barrier to treat future impacted groundwater; and
–    enhanced monitored natural attenuation (eMNA) of impacted groundwater.

Impacted groundwater was treated using eMNA utilising the existing groundwater well network, with the AAT constructed to provide a ‘curtain’ that would intercept and prevent further mitigation. To reduce the interaction between the groundwater and the source of contamination, EESI Contracting had to reduce the groundwater level. The planting and cultivation of sterile poplars and high drinking vetiver grass achieved this.


The use of innovative phytoremediation technologies enabled a sustainable remedial solution to address a complex contaminated groundwater issue. By achieving the site cleanup criteria, it was possible to re-use the treated soils back onsite, without the requirement for an engineered cover system. This further saved the client the high costs of offsite disposal to landfill. Time was not a critical constraint for the client, however ensuring the smooth operation of the manufacturing facility throughout the remediation process was essential. This creative remediation approach resulted in the optimum outcome for the client.

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