Expert Analysis

Waste Science can ensure your remediation project is scoped and delivered in the most cost-effective and efficient way through our methods that are at the forefront of soil remediation. Our group of companies can advise on the nature and extent of your impacted soil to develop a custom plan for its excavation and treatment.

Risk Mitigation

Best practice in association with planning and regulatory requirements ensure a controlled environment on all of our treatment and reuse facilities. Once soil is classified and assessed as suitable for treatment, we can remediate it for reuse, thus enabling your development project to commence at the earliest time and mitigating any perceived environmental and operational risks.


Waste Science and our R & D team have developed patented treatment processes for physical, chemical and biological soil recycling.

Soil Recycling

We have a range of technologies available to provide a custom, targeted solution for your unwanted soil. Call for a free quote (Currently only available in NSW and ACT – Soon for Victoria).