Mine Environment and Groundwater Management

Our experienced team of Hydrogeologists can assist with all mine groundwater services associated with resource projects. This includes:

  1. Groundwater exploration and supply studies;
  2. Evaluation of pit and underground working dewatering;
  3. Analytical and numerical modelling;
  4. Coordination and supervision of groundwater drilling programs;
  5. Borefield design;
  6. Pro-active hydro-geochemistry monitoring;
  7. Managed aquifer recharge / aquifer storage and recovery evaluation;
  8. Assessment of derelict and abandoned mine sites for industry and government;
  9. Management of hydrocarbon and waste storage areas;
  10. Design of site-based bioremediation systems for contaminated soil and water;
  11. Reviewing contamination and environmental management plans; and
  12. Due diligence and risk assessments for sale, mergers and acquisitions

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